Links to Practice The Preamble

Practice Memorizing the Preamble

Students will recite the Preamble from memory, word for word, exactly as printed on the U.S. Constitution.  

Sing to the song, watch these recitations and play these games to help you.  

Green Link #1 - The Preamble Song - Click full screen and watch while you listen. The pictures show the meanings of the lyrics. Notice how the first time through the animations are related to the start of the nation in 1776, while the second time through the animations are updated for more modern times. For example, look at how the uniforms change during the 'provide for the common defense" line from verse 1 to verse 2.

Green Link #2 - An easy game to get you started on memorizing the Preamble

Green Link #3 - Click Your Way Through the Preamble

Green Link #4 - Practice Typing the Preamble with Prompts -

Green Link #5 - Ready, Set, Go...Type Fast! - Given the words to copy one at a time, can you type the Preamble in less than a minute?

Green Link #6 - How Fast Can You Type Preamble From Memory? - This is the most challenging game! Spelling counts!

Green Link #7 - Recite this aloud (at home) with the narrator...over and over...and you will be practicing! (In the classroom, just mouth the words so as not to disturb others, please.  Thanks!) 

Amazing! - 2 Yr. Old Recites Preamble

Funny! - Lego Preamble

Star Trek - Captain Kirk Recites the Preamble

A Crafty Way to Learn the Preamble - Make a Preamble Stretch Book (and if you do...bring it in for 5 pts. of extra credit!)

CONSTITUTION LINK - Kid-friendly info about the Constitution, the National Archives and other related info.

Create a Quizlet to Practice for the Green Section Quiz 

List of Words for Quizlet on Green Section

Directions for How to Create a Quizlet  (These directions, if followed, will allow your Quizlets to be privately seen, only by you.)