Government Unit Pages

Below is a list of pages that students are gathering in their social studies binder for the Governmnet Unit.  They are expected to keep all pages in order.  A score for the complete and organized unit will be earned at the end of the unit when the "Organized Unit" is collected.  If a page is needed, it can be printed by clicking below.  Note that some pages may not be available due to copyrights.  Ask Ms. Dill or Mrs. Zotos for those pages personally.  Thank you.  

****  =  Pages that were done as formative assessment and scored, appearing in Jupiter Grades.

Click on the page to open and print at home:  

Page 1 - Listen for the Facts

Page 2 - Too Late to Apologize and Important Thing About the Declaration of Independence

Page 3 - Wanted a Just Right Government and Articles of Confederation Graphic Organizer

Page 4 - Articles of Confederation Reading Piece and Vocabulary

***Page 5 - Nation's Shaky Start

Page 6 - Call for a Convention Reading Piece


Page 7 - Text of Preamble and Cursive Preamble

Page 8 - Preamble Scramble Maze and Preamble Vocabulary

***Page 9 - Preamble Practice and Preamble License Plates

Page 10 - Wanted a Just Right Government - Part 2 (Great Compromise)

Page 11 - 5 Parts of the Constitution and Acrostic Poem FEDERAL

Page 12 - List of Terms to Study for Green Section Quiz - Make a Quizlet using these terms.

Page 13 - The Lasting Constitution and The Important Thing About the U.S. Constitution

***Page 14 - The New Nation's Government Quiz 


Page 15 - Student- Friendly Version of Article 1 of U.S. Constitution

Page 16 (front side) - Helpful Legislative Vocabulary 

Page 16  (back side) - What is Apportionment?  (We will do this side together in class.) 

***Page 17 - Legislative Branch Briefly worksheet

***Page 18 - Legislative Branch Webquest

Page 19 - Congressional Districts Map and Numbers of Representatives Per State Map 

Page 20 - Important Thing About the Legislative Branch and Maine's Congressional Delegation Photos

Page 21 - One Word Sequence Chain for How a Bill Becomes a Law

Page 21 - Sentence Sequence Chain for How a Bill Becomes a Law

Quizlet Flashcards for Pink Section Quiz 

Page 22 - I'm Just a Bill Song Lyrics

Page 23 - Three Choices a President Has and Why Might a President Veto a Bill?

Page 24 - House Mouse Crossword

Page 25 - Some Important Things About the Legislative Branch

****Page 26 - Legislative Branch Quiz 

Page 27 - Article 2 - The Executive Branch

Page 28 - Executive Vocabulary

****Page 29 - Executive Branch Briefly

Page 30 - So...What Does the Executive Branch Do?  AND  Descriptions of the 15 Executive Departments (to use in completing Pgs. 32, 33)

Page 31 - Flow Chart for How a Law is Carried Out

****Page 32 - Departments of Government Crossword AND Mouse Pictures of Departments

****Page 33 - Match the Laws to the Correct Departments  and on back Photos of the President and Vice President

Pages 34 - 39  (See your teacher if you need a copy of these pages.) 

****  (Executive Branch Quiz was done on Juno.) 

Page 40 - Article 3: The Judicial Branch

****Page 41 Judicial Branch Briefly

Pages 42 and 43 Case of the iPhone in School (Extra Credit Option)

Page 44 Glossary of Judicial Vocabulary   and on back  Photos of Justices 

****Page 45 Supreme Court Crossword and on back Case of Gobitis Children

Page 46  The Final Word

Page 47 "What Does it Mean When the Supreme Court Hands Down a Decision?"

Page 48 Some Amendments That Give You Rights

Pages 49, 50  (See your teacher if you need a copy of these pages.) 

Page 51 Review Packet   (NOTE:  Due to some formatting issues, the pages are not in order when you open this document.  ALL pages are there, but you need to scroll a bit to find each one.  The quesitons are numbered correctly so that will help in figuring out the order of the pages.) 

Page 52 - Checks and Balances Chart

Page 53 - Quiz 

Page 54 The Lasting Constitution and 3 Important Things

Page 55 Constitution Baseball Take Home Version

Page 56 Jeopardy Take Home Version

Pages 57, 58 - Quizzes